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Tablet Soft

Developing software for Windows 8 tablets.


Disconnected SQL Server

Will allow you to execute queries and other SQL statements even when unable to connect directly to your SQL Server instance.

Can communicate with the SQL Server instance via email, FTP or via an optional Web Service.

Localized to multiple languages (including Thai and Swedish).

Able to work even on GPRS/Edge speeds.

A later version will also allow the remote compilation of C# and VB.Net code.

More information will appear soon.

Expect to have an Alpha version finished in the beginning of 2013.


Home Tablet Control

Home Tablet Control will let you control your home from your tablet.

Will allow real-time streaming of standard and hi-def IP cameras (using common streaming standards)

Integrated remote control interface will let you communicate with virtually any serial, IP or infrared (IR) device.

Optimized for Windows 8 Tablet usage.

Will be able to log all actions in a database which can later be audited using a separate tool.

Able to split the home up in zones and create batches of commands to be executed for one or more zones in a few simple taps.

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